Friday, 14 October 2011

New Zealand- Land of the long white lie.

New Zealanders' are a funny bunch.
Come world cup time we're all patriotic, we love our All Black regardless of ethnicity or culture, we sing together, we shake hands and swap "onya mates" at the pub.

However at all other times the differences between us are a great canyon that cannot be crossed.
 We spy out the windows at the Tongan family moving in across the road "better keep the dog inside- you know what those people are like," says wife to husband.

We avoid old shopping haunts in Onehunga as we feel the place has been taken over by immigrants and that makes us feel uncomfortable. "Stinks like curry down this street."

I'm a pretty big fan of perspective and consistency you see. I find people who lack it extremely irritating and it just makes me feel anxious.

I just don't get why we are so inconsistent. I don't understand why you're scared to go to dressmart. I don't like that you want to deport an Indian family back to live in the slums. I am uncomfortable that you all sit there not even noticing your own hypocrisy.

I love that the world cup has brought us together for a few weeks.

I hate that soon it will be over and it'll be back to the status quo.

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