Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In a perfect world, racism wouldn't exist- however in the real world......

I feel sick. Maybe it's because I don't spend much time with the sort of people who think racism is from a bygone era, or perhaps it's just because people generally know me well enough not to say vertain things around me- but I got a serious shock looking at the comments on the Campbell Live facebook page comments after a story aired about on a Black South African journalist being wrongly suspected of drug dealing.
Here's a selection for you:

Captin Kirsty Plunkett He is acting like sterotyped black people! Wen in trouble play the racist card. Pffft mate ur in nz and we smell bulshit!

Irene Volschenk South African Media is all about discrimination, dear Vata go back to SA were u are the boss, in this country u not going to sing your racism song. We dont care. NZ Police well done for doing your job.

And so on, I'm not going to re-post them all here, you can go to the link if you really want to know.
Pretty funny though considering "Captin Kirsty" thought that South Africa wouldn't let out rugby team in because they were all white, and "Irene" is a white South African telling the South African journalist to go back to where he came from. Um yeah Irene, why don't you fuck off too and take Captin Misinformed Kirsty with you?

Yeah I know, people will probably have a cry that I've re-posted their shit here, but I figure they posted it on a public page so get over it- if they really do think what they are saying is okay then they should be able to stand by it right?

If it was me though, I'd be pretty ashamed of myself. Like I said. I feel sick.

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  1. No i don't mind you posting my comments on your blog, you have no idea what's happening in SA, and untill such time, i think you should comment on things happening in your little world. Telling people to F........back to SA is not only rude but shows me how little education you have. Maybe you should full out your own racism servey, you might be suprise to see that you need help. Put that on your blogg....